IT Architecture
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    Virtual Infrastructure

    Leverage our enterprise-scale technology for your workplace without the need to invest in the expensive hardware, licensing, installation, and administration costs usually associated with building your own data center. The netISup Virtual Infrastructure Service is hosted on our own physical infrastructure and provided as a cloud service to give your company scalable access to highly competitive, enterprise-level server and application technologies. 

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    LAN/WAN Campus/Backbone Networking

    Whether your business is spread over a number of international locations, across a multi-state area, or between several buildings on a campus—netISup can design, resource and install an effective custom backbone network. No matter the scale, this solution is optimized to securely and efficiently interconnect your diverse networks.

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    Wireless Infrastructure

    Today's net-aware businesses use a mix of traditional desktop and mobile technologies to maintain a competitive edge and provide fast, secure staff access to shared resources both in and out of the office. A well planned and expertly implemented mix of wired and wireless IT infrastructure will give you the security, scalability and, crucially, the ease of use required to boost your company’s connectivity, communication and competitiveness. It’s essential to get it right from the start, and netISup provides the expertise to seamlessly implement and integrate your wireless networks into your business practice.

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    Office 365/Azure AD

    Make the most of your Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications and services with a professionally managed integration of the Azure Active Directory. netISup manages your staff user identities and accounts, synchronizes passwords, sets up single user sign-ons, and manages your integrated applications and Office 365 subscriptions, all seamlessly taken care of behind the scenes while you get on with the real work.

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    Hardware Consolidation

    Is your business optimizing its investment in IT hardware resources? netISup investigates your company’s usage of its current hardware to identify possible resource underutilization, over-investments, and power and or space wastage. Consolidation of these resources can bring significant operating cost and capital expenditure savings, while improving network performance and service levels, and thus also staff and your business productivity.

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